Empirical Evidence of The Instinctual

An endogenous societal issue


In an article entitled “The Dostoevsky Problem”, Jenko discusses Dostoevsky’s Problem with humanity and thus the need for religion. Implied is the imperative that human nature resides in human made concepts and constructs, therefore Dostoevsky, like Nietzsche, believes there to be a problem that is endogenous in nature. Nietzsche’s solution was eternal recurrence, while Dostoevsky’s was a universal religion. This original work I began discovers, through Dostoevsky’s novel’s Poor Folk and Brothers Karamov, as well as Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil, the empirical evidence of an endogenous problem in manmade institutions. It searches anthropological questions about survival instinct and hence, sin, as well as Heidegger’s idea of being. I propose to further the work with Tolstoy and use Chernyvsky as well. The work is in progress.

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