As social animals, we have the capacity to behave rationally and compassionately, though often we choose war, conflict, and contention. Modern growth and development theories state that friction and conflict generate faster growth and can be processed and engaged in with a healthy attitude and demeanor, diplomatically, so to speak. Protagonism is a modern and controversial approach to dealing with social issues, it focuses on the idea of contingency in social relationships, in which we hold one another accountable with transparency and honesty. This can be achieved if used in a positive and healthy way, but often people choose abusive contention, a “first world problem”. Still yet, some nations face harsh subjugation and are still not politically free. Violence and domination are the way of much of the world. This space is earmarked for the global agenda, to achieve and promote decency. Camus said “radical decency” is means to achieving such goals as peace.

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