The Roma

The Roma people originate ethnically from Punjabi India and migrated nomadically in the tenth century C.E., to Romania, Germany, Turkey and broader Europe. Their original language was Romani, from Sanskrit . Modern day, they are largely displaced from Turkey under ethnic cleanising. They speak the Turkish language as well as Romani, and have been targets of racism. They are now considered a displaced population and many of them are asylum seekers. They are nationless and often referred to as gypsies. According to The United Nations High Commission for Refugees UNHCR database, there were approximately 45.7 million internationally displaced persons, 4.5 million of them are assylum seekers, and 80% of the world’s displaced persons are housed in host countries under asylum as of 2019. The Roma people are largely placed throughout the EU, but are often turned away, pushed out, targeted, or exploited by host countries.

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