Economic Models

(PMECS) Schedule *tax percent to materials and emissions over dollar output ratio.

(MEC) Schedule *population growth to MEC growth (Materials and Emissions Composite)

e* @ MECg=POPg with window lower bound stasis upper bound materials constraint.

© Christina Ladd 2021
© Christina Ladd

This idea runs similar to the Laffer Curve, as a fiscal policy measure that fluctuates as a window according to economic needs. The pressure encourages sustainable technology growth and can be used to fluctuate the economy to stimulate growth when growth is slow. You have supply side economics as a control on one end and demand side as a control on the other end just as the fed uses contractionary and expansionary monetary policy, a policy tool focused on contractionary and expansionary fiscal policy.

This is the basic framework. All of the components are still being tested for functionality. Check back for finalized relationship models and detailed views of dead wight loss and price competition.

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