Bachelor of Economics • Business Administration Associate • Political Scientist • Student • Mother • Cultural Enthusiast

I am a graduate of California State University Sacramento. I majored in economics, which I have a passion for and I minored in business administration, which I have completed an associates degree in within the Los Rios Sacramento Community College District. I completed a political science associates at Sacramento City and American River Community colleges in 2015. I attended Model United Nations 65th Plenary Session in San Francisco and earned an award of diplomacy as spokesperson on Belgium high commission for refugees. Currently I am interested in sustainable economic growth and greater egalitarianism as well as moderated economic diversity in our capitalist democracy. I am also following political and social unrest in Burma and Mayanmar, hoping for greater peace, freedom, and prosperity for these peaceful people. In the aftermath of the tragedy in Ukraine, I am avidly watching vulnerable economies’ recovery, which has been difficult in a post-pandemic condition. I am hoping for peace and healing for Ukraine as I am sure we all are.

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